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Designed khổng lồ cradle you in comfort, a armchair uplifts any corner of your home in style. Piông xã from contemporary, mid-century modern & Scandinavian armchairs, dressed in plush velvet, chic upholstery or classic leather.

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Armchairs That Suit Your Style

An armchair is the most personal nhà cửa of furniture in the house. As a single seater chair, an armchair provides solace, comfort và respite. For this reason, choosing the right armchair is an important task. Whether you opt for a recliner, a chaise lounge or an accent chair, your selection will depover on a variety of factors.

Types of Chairs

There are various types of armchairs to lớn choose from. Understanding your seating needs will guide you on the type of chair to lớn select. The most prominent types of armchairs include traditional armchairs, accent chairs, easy chairs, recliners và chaise lounges.

Accent armchairs provide the most style out of all the options. Although they are more compact, they include more of a thiết kế feature. Some accent chairs have a wingbachồng or high baông xã design, for example. Accent armchairs can work as a feature thành tựu in a living room phối, particularly if you choose bright colors lượt thích hot pink, lime green or canary yellow.

A chaise lounge is a French creation translated to lớn “long chair”. It is a hybrid chair and bed which allows for reclining, much like the Persian divan, but higher up from the ground cấp độ. A chaise lounge is a good option for those who wish to lớn have the option of reclining.

While the chaise lounge is long and static, recliners work on a lever system. This way, you have the option to sit upright, much lượt thích a traditional armchair, or recline. Recliners work by either pulling a lever or pressing a button lớn expose the footrest & lower the bachồng of the seat. Recliners also can be static or come on a swivel.

Another more traditional, yet still very comfortable option, is the easy chair. The easy chair combined the static style of a traditional armchair with the recumbent position of a recliner. Easy chairs are more for relaxation or sleeping than sitting upright and watching TV. Recliners work best with a minimalist Danish design, using muted tones such as grey, beige, brown, xanh or even mustard.

Space và style

The most important factors when selecting an armchair are space & style. Some armchairs take up a large amount of space, like plush recliners with high backs & protruding armrests.

Consider other furniture items in your living room lượt thích sofas, footstools, ottomans or poufs. Do you have sầu a coffee table, side table or TV console? Will it add to lớn the clutter or supplement the living room set?

You can also use an armchair as a complement to lớn your existing furniture or as a way lớn add some contrast. It’s best to think about upholstery options too, lượt thích leather, velvet, or something completely different lượt thích ratchảy or wooden finishes. Pair colors and materials with existing furniture khổng lồ create the perfect living room.

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