The grooming den

5 British : a small structure built by children as a place to lớn play, hide, or provide shelter We roamed the fields & made dens in the hedges, dragging old logs và brushwood with scraps of canvas and rope lớn make shelters to hide in.— Pat Smith

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Synonyms for den

Synonyms: Noun

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Noun The bears will spkết thúc most of the winter in their den. The TV is in the den. He spent most evenings in the den reading và smoking his pipe.
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Recent Examples on the Web: Noun The four red wolf pups remaining at the Akron Zoo, three males và one female, are currently living in a den box in a private habitat. — Alexis Oatman, cleveland, 13 May 2021 To try & keep poaching rates low, and to lớn avoid disturbing a mother & her young, researchers try to traông xã lion den locations. — Leslie Nemo, Scientific American, 28 Aquảng bá. 2021 The small den-guest room is sparsely furnished, but a patchwork rug and a rainbow of books keep it lively. — Christine Lennon, Better Homes và Gardens, 15 Aquảng cáo. 2021 Park staff responded with patrols khổng lồ scare away poachers và by clearing den sites of shading brush since the animals need sun. — Star Tribune, 21 Mar. 2021 Select units include high ceilings, a balcony, an office/den space and kitchen isl&. — Paul Gattis | Pgattis, al, trăng tròn Mar. 2021 An involved mom, Marian led Kelli’s Girl Scout troop and Troy’s Cub Scout den. — Brendel Hightower, Detroit Free Press, 14 Mar. 2021 Van den Brandt is one of three Greens with a key role in the city government. — Carlton Reid, Forbes, 11 Mar. 2021 Baông chồng in the Netherlands, Van den Berg found out that Marretje Pasterkamp worked as a nanny for another family after the Hesses were sent away. — Steve Lopez, Los Angeles Times, 5 Mar. 2021 Recent Examples on the Web: Verb In an unusual move, U.S. Geological Survey Director James Reilly has refused to lớn make public the study by his own scientists of the number of female polar bears that den and give birth on land near the southern Beaufort Sea. — Juliet Eilperin, Desmond Butler, Anchorage Daily News, 30 Sep. 20đôi mươi These lobsters did not choose to den alone, the scientists suspected: they were being shunned. — Scientific American, 1 July 20trăng tròn Dave Crowley, a biologist with the Alaska Department of Fish & Game who oversees the region, says this area is prime bear-denning territory. — Acacia Johnson, National Geographic, 14 Jan. 20đôi mươi Typically, blachồng bears enter their dens in October, with most brown bears denning by November, Battle said. — Tegan Hanlon, Anchorage Daily News, 13 Nov. 2019 Many grizzly bears have sầu denned up for winter hibernation by the time a significant number of elk remains have sầu accumulated, study team leader Frank van Manen wrote recently in the academic journal Ursus. — USA TODAY, 14 Jan. 20trăng tròn Little One"s mate, Anana, has been denning since Nov. 1. — Briana Rice,, 13 Dec. 2019 The groups sought information on an application by a company to conduct three-dimensional seismic exploration that could disturb denning polar bears. — Dan Joling, Anchorage Daily News, 31 July 2019 In the winter, the animals will den underground, commonly returning khổng lồ the same spot year after year, và often commune there with other snake species, such as rat snakes and rattlesnakes. — National Geographic, 22 July 2019

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First Known Use of den


before the 12th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1


13th century, in the meaning defined at intransitive sầu sense

History & Etymology for den


Middle English, from Old English denn; akin to lớn Old English denu valley, Old High German tenni threshing floor

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