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Vietnamese food has an international reputation for its balanced flavours and unique ingredients. Everyone who is lucky enough to taste it for themselves typically fall in love with the culinary treasures. No one knows this better than Robert Costabile, owner và founder of Nha Trang’s exceptionally popular landmark restaurant Lanterns. Located on Nguyen Thien Thuat Street, the restaurant enjoys long line ups each night full of both eager new và regular customers waiting for their chance to savour the offering of one of Nha Trang’s most acclaimed restaurants.

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Specializing in Vietnamese food since its conception in 2008, Lanterns started as a way for Mr. Robert lớn fund his charitable work và community building within the local orphanages & beyond. The restaurant was an instant hit & has steadily grown each month & each successive sầu year khổng lồ the point that it has become a staple of the community and easily one of the most famous & popular restaurants in Nha Trang. But the story is far more interesting & complex than this, & we must go back khổng lồ the beginning to find out just what lead to this tremendous success.

Robert is an Italian-Australian who first came khổng lồ visit Vietnam on a whim as a young adult. Like many, he instantly fell in love sầu with the country. While some may fall for the scenery and natural beauty, it was the people of Vietnam as he describes it that left a profound impression on hyên. The atmosphere và genuine kindness of the people altered his perspective sầu on life và he as he explains: the ‘happiness was intoxicating’. The following year he decided to lớn return lớn experience the true culture of the country that tourists typically overlook and asked a local tour guide in Nha Trang to take hyên ổn khổng lồ local schools và orphanages. The visits left an indelible mark on Robert’s psyđậy and he decided to take 2 months leave from his job as part owner of a successful accounting and financial consultant business in nước Australia to lớn stay in Nha Trang khổng lồ live within a local orphanage, helping out wherever possible. Here is where the story of Lanterns begins. The stay had such a profound impact and he developed such a svào emotional attachment to lớn the children of the orphanage that he made the life defining decision to bow out of his job bachồng trang chủ and open a restaurant with some local friends he had met.

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As stated earlier, the restaurant was a means lớn fund development and sustainability projects for the local orphanages and was expected khổng lồ make modest earnings to lớn maintain these efforts. Word however spread fast across town that a new restaurant was serving delicious Vietnamese dishes at an affordable price that was accessible to both locals và tourists. Perhaps equal parts luchồng và hard work, Robert was able to lớn have sầu all the right people working alongside him. A svào culture và mission statement was established early on and the successful business mã sản phẩm flourished. Not one to boast or brag, Robert has been very clear that none of this success would be possible without his strong & devoted team & managers such as Ms. Nam. Perhaps most important of all has been his partner và confidant Ms. Hien who, according khổng lồ Robert, took the business và charitable efforts to another level. Thanks to Ms. Hien’s efforts and ability khổng lồ build & sustain rapport và relationships with the organizers và children of the orphanages, there is more cohesion & genuine cooperation between the two parties than ever before.

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With all this success however, the thing that Robert states he is most proud of is the opportunity his restaurant has provided for the orphan children of Khanh hao Hoa. One of the first children he met at the first orphanage was an 11 year old boy who grew up to now be a head bartender at Lanterns while another boy from the same orphanage is the head chef of Robert’s other successful local restaurant BBQ Un In. Focusing both on the individual and overall needs of those most requiring aid has helped bring fulfillment lớn Robert and Hien as well as the countless people they continue to help every day. Equal parts beauty and brawn, the dynamic duo have successfully managed to positively impact their community & provide school fees & food for 13 orphanages in Khanh khô Hoa Province, all the while maintaining one of the most successful và popular restaurants in the city. Now that is an admirable success story.

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