Harsh vardhan launches 'revamped' health schemes on it platform of nha

We provide freeexpert advice, training & support khổng lồ professionals working in local authorities, voluntary advice agencies and public authorities in Englvà.

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Here khổng lồ help you support people with housing issues

Funded by the Ministry for Housing, Communities và Local Government (MHCLG) và delivered by Shelter, we're here to lớn help you giảm giá khuyến mãi with housing issues that impact the people you work with. Our miễn phí training và advice is tailoredto your level of knowledge và can be practically applied in your role.

Are you eligible to use our services?

You don't need khổng lồ be a housing adviser lớn use our services but please check oureligibility criteria lớn see if you, or your noithatvietphat.vnanisation, could benefit from our expert advice và training.

Are you a thành viên of the public looking for advice?

Head to lớn our public advice page for support.

What We Do


Free training on a range of housing và homelessness topics, face-to-face and online.

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Expert Advice Line

Free advice line service for housing, homelessness and housing debt enquiries.

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Our public advice factsheets cover a range of housing, homelessness and benefits topics.

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Briefing và Workcửa hàng Events

Learn & apply the lachạy thử developments in housing & homelessness case law in your role.

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Housing Matters

Round-up of legislation, case law, guidance and news: May 2021

Housing Matters

EEA nationals’ homelessness rights after Brexit

Case Study

noithatvietphat.vn assist probation service in helping 18-year-old stay in B&B while priority need application is assessed
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Astounding service - strong and thoughtful advice delivered coherently by phone & later in tin nhắn. So pleased something lượt thích this exists.

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