Not that (phrase) definition and synonyms

I am confuse with the use of "Not that". When we say "Not that I lượt thích bread, but I don"t lượt thích lớn eat more carbohydrate." It means to lớn me that I like bread & I don"t like to eat more carbohydrate. Is it correct? Or it means that I don"t lượt thích bread?Please explain the meanings of these also,

Not that he is a bad boy ...Not that rain is good ...Not that I say that he is a bad boy ...


An initial Not that clause is short for an extraposed clause. Viz.

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Not that he"s a bad boy, ...

The totally predictable initial It"s frequently gets wiped via Conversational Deletion; frequently enough, anyway, khổng lồ make an idiom.The intention of the construction is to deny an obvious stereotype judgement by offering evidence of its falsity. Typically the "..." starts with but

(It"s) not that he"s a bad boy, but he hangs around with kids that drink.

or continues with a contrasting extraposed clause

(It"s) not that he"s a bad boy, it"s just that he hangs around with kids that drink.

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A frequent variant is Not lớn say that, which allows one to lớn say something while denying one did.

Not to say you"re wrong, but did you compare the figures with the chart?


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