Modern designer 3 seater sofas

Sit. Slouch. Lounge. Lie. Our huge range of modular sofas means that you’llalways be able lớn find the one that’s perfect for you – from a 2 seater sofa lớn a 3 seater sofa to a corner sofa và so on. The opportunities are endless.

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Love sầu the freedom of a modular sofa? Or bởi you require your sofa to have sầu room for lounging or even lớn function as a sofa bed? Our contemporary sofas can be customized khổng lồ your individual needs.


A sofa, is a contemporary sofa by world-renowned Danish and International designers. It’s your chance lớn create a comfortable & modern spot in your home.


The range of modern corner sofas ensure that your personal solution is possible. A corner sofa that is both comfortable và functional can be the heart of a contemporary living room. That’s why our corner sofas can be customized to fit your home.


Should your next sofa be small, large, have an integrated resting unit or a matching footstool? Should you choose leather or fabric? The choices are many, & our interior designers are ready to help you answer them all.

Our sumptuous sofas are the premium choice for your home page. Add luxury khổng lồ your living room with a leather or fabric suite, in a configuration of your choice.

If space is at a premium, choose a compact 2 seater or 2.5 seater sofa. If you have sầu the space, a large corner sofa or open ended suite provides the ultimate in lounging comfort. A 3 seater sofa can be combined with smaller pieces for a functional seating space.

Our retro-inspired sofas with metal legs are the perfect starting point for a vintage-look living room. Add a rug, cushions và lighting for a full look.

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Versatile and classic, a daybed or chaise longue is the perfect addition lớn your bedroom, as well as a classic choice for your living room. Dress with a sumptuous throw and cushions & relax in comfort. A sofa bed combines seating và sleeping space for guests as and when you need it.

Combine your sofa with a matching footstool for optimum comfort. With some styles featuring storage capađô thị, these are perfect way khổng lồ enjoy the benefit of extra space in your living room. Our ottoman footstools are exceptionally versatile, functioning equally well as a coffee table, side table or seat.

Ensure your sofa stays looking its best with our sofa cleaner và protector sprays.

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Our interior design experts can advise you on the perfect sofa for your trang chính. Make an appointment in-store for advice & tips, or book a whole trang chính rekiến thiết with installation - the choice is yours.

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